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“Glaucoma” is a term ascribed to a whole group of diseases

affecting the eye that cause the pressure within the eye (the intraocular pressure) to be at unhealthy levels for the affected person. Because many different types of glaucoma exist, treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma as well as a variety of other factors.

The damage?

Normally, watery fluid (aqueous humor) constantly flows through the eye. This fluid keeps the eye firm and clear so the eyeball can function well visually. The relative state of inflow and outflow of aqueous humor partially determines how firm the eye is. If the outflow is blocked, pressure inside the eye builds up.

High intraocular pressure, can directly damage the optic nerve, can damage other tissues as well, such as the cornea and the lens, and can squeeze out of the eye the blood needed to keep the nerves healthy, resulting in damage to the nerves or retina (the light-sensitive part of the eye).

Outflow of fluid, aqueous humor, can be blocked in different ways: by adhesions or by a cataract,by debris caused by inflammation, by deposits which are due to aging, by abnormal material which is sometimes the result of certain drugs, or by the iris itself. The veins into which the fluid flows when it leaves the eye can be partially blocked by other disease, or by pressure on the large

veins in the orbit. Average normal intraocular pressure in adults is 15 mm Hg.


The person with one of the chronic glaucomas frequently is unaware that the disease is present in the eye. Like the hands of a clock, it moves so slowly that its progress is not noticed. On the other hand, acute glaucoma, in which the intraocular pressure rises rapidly, often causes symptoms, which may be severe. Symptoms that suggest the presence of chronic or acute glaucoma include:

  • Trouble focusing vision

  • Poor night vision

  • Sensation of a blind area

  • Headaches associated with exercise

  • Headaches in the early morning or after dusk

  • Pain in the eye, particularly when associated with smoky vision

  • Halos around light

    When symptoms of glaucoma occur acutely (that is, suddenly) and severely, it can be very painful and/or eyesight can worsen. If this happens, treatment needs to be started within hours. Early diagnosis is the key to corre


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